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“This novel far exceeded my expectations. I wanted an interesting summer read. What I got is a book I couldn’t put down.What an incredible story! Truly a unique plot, with so many twists that I just kept wanting to find out how these very real people were going to find solutions to the mounting problems in their lives- resulting from a terrible mistake in the calculations of an alchemist. The love story is both unique and heart wrenching- I cried. And I was hard pressed not to side with the idea that such love is worth murdering to have and keep. While the story revolves around a dark theme, (would you murder for one more young, healthy body when you are old), it is not morbid but beautiful, often lighthearted and hilarious. I have never written a comment for any of the novels I’ve read, but this one is exceptional.”
-Jack G.

“I did not have much hope for this book when it was first recommended to me–it is not my typical genre. But after the first couple chapters, I was hooked. It became one of those books I really didn’t want to finish, because I didn’t want it to end.
“The Last Alchemist” has spiritual undertones hidden throughout the book. It is not just a gripping story involving a wide range of characters. It also shows that spirituality doesn’t always have to be only “love & light,” but can contain so called “dark” elements like sex, drugs, money, and even murder.
I am excited to read the second book when it is published, but until then I will have to settle for the blog that goes along with the first novel on “The Last Alchemist” website.”
-Dean H.

“I was given this book to read and took awhile to get to it because I am more of a non-fiction sort of guy. It was not what I was expecting at all, in a good way. I usually find fiction books to be predictable/re-hashing the same old story lines and formulaic… but not with this one. This is a fresh new concept that is deep with intrigue and thought provoking situations that have you pondering deeper ideas then most books are willing to touch.
I’m not sure if a movie is in the works but I would love to see what a good director could do with this story. Looking forward to the book’s sequel.”
-Shad G.

“This book is magic. And like all good magic, it is constantly surprising and quintessentially satisfying.
The characters are fascinating. One cares deeply about their outcomes while at the same time marveling (and sometimes worrying) at the unforeseen paths of their lives. These seem dauntingly unpredictable yet wonderfully right when they emerge.
Once I came to know them, I loved every minute of the book and hated for it to end (except that it has a wonderful ending). I would like to demand a sequel. I need it. The book was not only intriguing in its concepts and its plot, it was profoundly heartening in its suggestions of our human possibilities. And of the wonder of a universe that helps us out with those, regardless of whether we always deserve it.”
-Cathy C.

“Having read lots of sci-fi novels I must say this is not a typical Sci- Fi wakadoodle story. The Last Alchemist is truly an original novel with a compelling plot that has logical characters caught up in illogical circumstances…caused by the last alchemist. It had me hooked by page 4 and kept me riveted to the last page. You go Poe !!”
-Jean R.